S S Dental care center is an leading super specialty dental care center.our goal is to dispel people’s fear of the dentist & give every one an attractive and healthy smile.

Keeping the best patient care in mind we have been inspired by the real needs of the 21st century society.


This has led us to the development of dental clinic which serve the patient the best by providing them with the highest qualified team of specialists supported by the most advanced dental equipment and procedures which assure best quality and hygiene.


In S S Dental Care the patient is treated as a guest in a most friendly atmosphere where the fear of going to dentist disappear.we make sure that the patients are served the best.


We offer the prefect combination of personalized care and best in class hospitality.S S Dental Care is counted amongst the most favoured dental clinic.At S SDental care we strive to achieve the highest standard of customer service and provide you the best possible dental care.


Our infrastructure and state of the art technology is at par with international standards to provide the best treatment and complete oral rehabilitation. And we take utmost care to ensure sterilization of instruments and equipment to prevent contamination. We follow strict infection control protocols & have upgraded our treatment protocol to the worlds leading technological advancement to give all our guests the ”best in class” treatment possible.


We provide speciality based dental care in accordance to the dental needs of the patient and

we constantly upgrade our service,technology& infrastructure to provide you the latest and best in dental treatment


All The Specialists under one roof:

We offer the full range of professional dental treatment from prophylaxis,General Dental treatment,Prosthodontics(Crown & Bridge),Implantology,Orthodontics(Braces),Periodontics(Gums),Esthetic Dental treatment,Children dental treatment,Endodontics(Root canal treatment) to Orthognathic Surgery